Why the independent workforce is the alternative you need

January 12, 2017 Rebecca White

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Sometimes you just need a job doing by someone, not someone to do a job. Hiring can be impossible when time is short and specialist skills are even shorter. Do you persevere with hiring? Work with a specialist consultancy firm? Draw from your own network? As we move towards a new world of work the power of the independent workforce could be the alternative you need.

The leaner approach

There is now an alternative to hiring permanent employees for business needs, so you can do it less. This means you can create a leaner operating model by having less people on the payroll and supplementing your core team when you need it. 

This lowers the transaction cost and makes getting someone in to do the job swifter. Talmix has a global network of 30,000 independent consultants that you can draw on at any time, in any part of the world. The entire hiring process is different - the consultant is screened before you see them so you are assured of their quality. 

Attract top talent

Some roles are almost impossible to fill; specific skills that are hard to find, niche industry expertise that isn't readily available or locations that are difficult to service. Plus companies that lack the clout or employer brand name to attract the right candidates can find it even more difficult. For these scenarios forcing through a hire or engaging an expensive consultancy can break the project or initiative.

But, as more top talent joins the independent workforce the availability of great people to do work for you on a more flexible basis is much better. And, routes to that workforce are easier. Adding a talent pool of 30,000 highly skilled independent consultants into the mix means you can get to the right talent more quickly.

Plus, an independent consultant will happily go from working in a major enterprise to working in a lesser known company as this can offer them more job satisfaction, take Talmix consultant David Prescott, for instance. 

An ongoing business solution

Talmix can help you when you have a pressing and immediate need. If you have a one off transactional need we will be here to help. But, we work in partnership with our clients to provide a strategic weapon in their arsenal. To them we are a vendor of on demand talent. We provide a new way of building out a global talent supply to take to the new generation. Our clients recognise that you need to work out how millennials, who already believe in working on a more flexible, part time basis, can be incorporated into their organisations. For many, working with platforms like Talmix is a way to start building this practice into their operations.

Brand vs talent

One of the barriers to adopting the use of on demand, independent talent that faces some of our clients has been aversion to risk. Brigitte explained how she has worked with companies who wanted the name of a known consulting company to back up their use of a consultant, but later complained that they didn't get the people they wanted.

Working with an independent or independents means taking more responsibility for making sure you have the right people in place. With opportunity costs removed, and a low time to evaluate there is little to stop you trying it out and making an assessment based on your own experience.

Final thoughts

Partnerships with contractors and interims are already commonplace in most organisations, but by adopting an on demand model and working with a solution like Talmix you're becoming so much more responsive to the market.

Now is the time to give something that is an evolving industry trend a chance, because it could become a competitive disadvantage to not to know how to work with this channel.

You can watch the recording here or to find out how to make 2017 the year you discover how independent consultants can change your business get in touch.

In December 2016 our CEO Daniel Callaghan, discussed the benefits of using the independent workforce in a live broadcast. He was joined by Brigitte Herren, a Talmix independent consultant with a CV including stints at Deutsche Bank and Accenture. They talked about how this new way of working solves many of the most pressing challenges businesses will be facing in 2017. I summarise that discussion in this blog but you can also watch a recording of the broadcast.

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