How to write the best profile

Charlotte Bohlman

To give yourself the best chance of project success with us, the first step is to create an engaging and detailed profile which highlights your strengths; showcases your career experience; and draws in the client’s attention before they even know it. 

How to create a gold star profile?

Be thorough

Don’t cut corners when listing your experience. Make sure each project or position is clearly listed, and in chronological order with the most recent example at the top. It is also crucial that you upload your CV with supporting details on each project or position so that a client can delve more deeply if they need to. 

Be precise

Make sure you include all industries you’ve worked within, and all expertise you hold. Our matching process works off these fields so if you don’t add them in you’re missing out on great potential project matches. 

Be bold

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. In the consultant summary, include an eye catching paragraph which says what you can do, and why you know you can do it. Clients are not always only looking for relevant experience, they’re looking for consultants who can come in, communicate with their teams, and wow their stakeholders. 

Be relevant

Make sure you have your language skills; eligible countries of work; and expected daily rate outlined from day 1 in your profile. This will help clients assess your relevant suitability for a project straight away and will give you a better chance of being the first consultant they invite to interview. 

Be succinct

The way in which your profile is written goes a long way when clients often have limited time to review it. Choose straight up, bold, succinct language to give yourself the best chance of catching a client’s attention. Try not to add in too much detail to each of your work experiences. Instead, one or two lines on each should be enough to highlight your achievements, with your CV at hand for further details. 

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Charlotte is a leader in talent acquisition, managing client and consultant engagement and project delivery process and teams with a focus on customer delight.

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