Talent Marketplaces: A New HR Approach?

As organizations react to a changing business landscape, where relationships with employees, suppliers, partners and customers have become more dispersed and volatile, the ability to align strategic goals, and build agile teams to meet changing demands has become a critical business objective. 

Business transformation and a new geography of talent has facilitated a new HR approach and greater responsibility. HR executives now need to be much more agile to meet new requirements, utilizing analytics, managing talent networks, and leading real transformation. HR leaders who are able to exploit the power and potential of the new extended workforce are the ones best positioning their organizations to gain advantages and beat the competition.


Managing the Extended Workforce


The growing size and strategic impact of the extended workforce are a key reason why the HR function requires better tools and processes for managing the workforce.

70% of HR leaders believe that access to top-tier skillsets and expertise is the core reason for this continued growth.

Visibility into the extended workforce talent pool is what enables organizations to react dynamically to challenges and opportunities quickly and efficiently, and where online Talent Marketplaces have become critical in providing that visibility, and capacity to address changing market demands and critical skill gaps.


HR as Strategic Partner

The HR leader is emerging as a critical strategic partner, responsible for using evidence-based analysis to influence executive decision-making and drive results.

HR executives are searching for new analytical tools and actionable insights to better understand and prepare for the future, assess the impact of business decisions, optimize performance, address changes and challenges, and align talent management with business strategies.

Increasingly they will need to develop more data-driven approaches to manage global talent networks – drawing on improved insights to identify talent segments and skills gaps, optimize resources, integrate workforce plans and manage risk -

This is where data-driven talent marketplaces are filling the gap.


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