Recording: Meet our partners

February 10, 2017

Independent consultants come to Talmix to find projects, but we also provide an environment for our budding community to access additional benefits from a choice selection of partners.

In this broadcast we'll be speaking to Jonathan Peachey, Co-founder and Director at Metis, Francesco Maselli, Director of Business Innovation at Shaw Academy and Manoj Madhusudanan, Managing Director at InsightBee. They'll be talking about how these partnerships can benefit your consulting experience and how the changing world of work is demonstrated in the services they offer.

They'll be talking about:

  • How the Talmix partnerships we have benefit your consulting experience
  • How the changing world of work is demonstrated in the types of services they offer
  • Challenges that independent workers face and how our partners help you to be successful in your careers
  • Trends that our partners see within the independent workforce

Find out more about the offers we have available by visiting the pages below:

Wework discount offer

Shaw Academy Offer

InsightBee Offer

Metis Offer

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Get 25% off 3 months' at Metis
Get 25% off 3 months' at Metis